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pictureThe village of Chorvátsky Grob is located among the villages of Ivánka pri Dunaji, Bernolákovo, Veľký Biel, Slovenský Grob and the Vajnory district  of Slovakia's capital city, Bratislava. The southern border of the municipality was previously formed by the original road coming from Vajnory, however this changed after the Second World War. The north is bounded by the "Hájiček" territory and is bordered by Čierna Voda tributary. The state road III/0611 is the western border and the Blahuta channel makes the southwest boundary. "Šalaperská hora" is the highest hill with 173 meters above sea level, located on the northeast side of the village. The village of Chorvátsky Grob is situated on little elevated terrain and the rest of its territory is relatively flat (Šúr lowlands). The village consists of three main settlements -  Chorvátsky Grob, Čierna Voda and a commercial and industrial part called Triblavina. The rest of the area mainly consists of farmland and vineyards.


date: 2019-10-16

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